About Eric Dowdle

Eric Richard Dowdle was born the 10th of 12 children (10 boys, all Eagle Scouts, and two girls.) After graduating from Green River High School, Eric’s family moved to Massachusetts where, he was introduced to the art of Charles Wysocki, and he began gravitating toward Folk-Art.

Eric says, “I this style because it tells the story of people interacting with their environment. As a big a family, we always told stories, some of which were even true.” Eric Dowdle is. above all else, a storyteller. He has hosted a radio program, “Traveling with Eric Dowdle,” a television series, “Painting the Town with Eric Dowdle,” and traveled the world to create his paintings. Though the methods continue to evolve, it is always about the story.

Dowdle Folk Art

Dowdle Folk Art started in the 1990s’ with Eric going door to door, offering to do paintings of homes. Based on his unique style, he received a commission to paint eight original works featuring historic Salt Lake City. Through years of intense effort and hours of sacrifice, Eric built a unique style, with fluffy “Dowdle clouds,” sculpted “Dowdle mountains,” and hidden images with stories in each painting.

He has garnered hundreds of awards and recognition of his art and his charitable giving throughout his career. Eric was commissioned in 2010 to do a painting of his hometown of Green River, Wyoming, inducted into the town Hall of Fame, and presented the key to the city by the Mayor. “To do this with my art teacher and mentor, Rudy Gunter, is still one of my most treasured memories.”

In 1997 Eric took a chance and had some of his original paintings made into puzzles. The rest is marketing history, as his company has sold more than 10 million puzzles through Costco, Walmart, grocery chains, and small businesses worldwide. His artwork and puzzles have become collectible favorites. Dowdle has grown into a leader in quality puzzles based on Eric’s 400 + pieces of art. Eric’s high energy always pushes him and his businesses to create, contribute, and inspire. The company motto is, “We tell stories that inspire people to live meaningful and engaged lives.”

Traveling with Eric Dowdle Radio Program

Based on the success of his art and his research travel to worldwide locations, Eric worked with KBYU Radio to host the Traveling with Eric Dowdle program. The fun and successful radio program gave a fast-paced review of the stories and experiences that went into his paintings of each location. The show ran with various co-host changes from March 2012 to October 2016.

Painting the Town with Eric Dowdle

In 2015, the radio program evolved into the Painting the Town with Eric Dowdle television program. The show’s three seasons follow Eric to locations around the world as he meets local artisans, chefs, and experts who introduce him to what they love about their city and explain what he should include in his painting. In addition, each episode shows the creation of original artwork with the guests as a part of the art. Additional series are already in the works.


In 2019 Eric Dowdle began a partnership with Disney to produce paintings blending his unique style with Disney characters. Partnering with Art Brands Studios he has created original artworks based on Disney Classics, and more are being developed.